Habits create who you are

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

athletes performance

At DTS we believe you cannot look at every athlete the same way. Everyone has different goals, fitness levels, and past injuries . By keeping our groups small, it allows us to not only customize routines, but form a relationship with our athletes that usually gets lost in the large group atmosphere. We train teams as well as individuals,

The Athletes Performance programs are broken down into two groups. One group is high school&college level athletes and the second group are Junior high school athletes . By separating the groups it allows the athletes to train at the same level their peers.


        Dts 4 week plans



All DeSario Training System's programs are based on a four week plans or phases. This is where term "the system" comes in. There is no random workouts . You help us design your routine based on your long term goal  as well as your availability. Programs are based on training two or three days

a week. Sometimes in our Athlete's Performance Program a fourth day is added. Another common approach is to add a day of boxing for the conditioning as well as a way to break it up a bit. 


Athletes Performance 


Athletes Performance


Group Boxing Training


semi-private training


Group Strength &Conditioning


Private training


Dts boxing


A great way to get into shape is to learn high intense art of boxing. With the help  of ex-amateur fighter Nick Capobianco, we will help you were learn the proper technique from footwork and shadow boxing to hitting every bag in the gym.


Learning proper technique not only ensures that you're doing it correctly but it will save you from wear and  tear on your joints from bad habits .

We are also proud to announce that this past year Nick and I have have teamed up with Ryan Roach, ryanstarted a nonprofit organization helping people afflicted with Parkinson's disease. By being on the board of Punch4Parkinson's, Ryan's organization has has allowed us to help members treat the symptoms of the disease through boxing.SO REWARDING!

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