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habits create who you are


About Frank DeSario

Frank DeSario is the founder and owner of DeSario Training Systems, located in Dedham, MA. He attended The Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA and is a certified International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) High School strength and conditioning coach and U.S.A. Boxing trainer.


The philosophy at DTS is that a goal without a plan is just a wish. When someone walks through the door for the first time, it is essential that we understand what their goals are in order to build a program that is right for the individual. No two athletes are alike and their programs should reflect that. 

Our training programs are based on a 4-week timeframe, typically 2-3 days/week. This cadence allows your body to gradually adept to the activity it is being asked to perform. 

With over 20 years of experience, Frank has built a network with some of the best fitness professionals, strength coaches and physical therapists around. Reach out today to schedule your first appointment!


habits create who you are



One of our missions is to not only tell you what to do but to explain to you why you're doing it. That way, you have a solid understanding of your program and can complete your workout anywhere - at DTS, at your house, or the school gym. Every program we design will incorporate strength training, mobility and stability, as well as conditioning. We suggest that all new clients begin with at least one private training session to learn our approach to training here at "the system." From there, you can choose the session offering that is right for you. 

Private Training 1:1

A private training session includes you (the member) and the trainer. During the session, the trainer is focused solely on you and your goals. Private training is the best option for those looking to learn the fundamentals of strength training, change their fitness routine, or enter a different phase of training.With this type of training, we not only focus on strength and conditioning but also regeneration and improving the tissue quality. 

*Virtual personal training is also available.

12 session plan: $1,428

24 session plan: $2,568

Semi-Private Training 2:1

Semi-private training sessions allows you to receive the same benefits of private training but at a more economical price point. This offering includes you and one other member working directly with the trainer - a great way to increase motivation and intensity during during your workout session. This format does not change your program or your goals. 

*Virtual semi-private training is also available. 

12 session plan: $948
24 session plan: $1,708


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Small Group Training

Small group training sessions include 4-6 members and the trainer. We follow the same approach of private training in that each member is following their customized program. The size of the group is intentional to allow for adequate room and spacing and to ensure the trainer is able to be attentive to your exercises. This format is the most cost-effective way to have access to a personal trainer. 

12 session plan: $564
24 session plan: $1,041

Athletes Performance

At DTS, we believe everyone is an athlete, regardless of whether they play a sport or not. This mentality especially applies to our middle and high-school students. Our athlete programs are designed based on individual athlete's level of understanding and familiarity with strength training. This training format allows athletes to make major improvements in their strength, speed, mobility and stability.

$299; valid for one month

Group Boxing

Group boxing classes at DTS are available for all ages and abilities. Our classes are a great way to get in shape and learn the fundamentals of boxing - proper stance, basic combinations, defense, and footwork. You'll come away learning how to hit every bag in the boxing gym. 

$299; valid for one month

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30 Min Mitt Work

30 minutes of 1-1 high intensity mitt work is the ultimate way to perfect your boxing skills and craft. Purchase in single sessions.


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